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Blocking or banning is a method used by which staff members technically prevent users from editing Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia. Blocks can happen to contributors, to IP addresses, and to ranges of IP addresses, for either a definite or an indefinite time. Blocked users still have the access to Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia, but they cannot edit any article pages which includes their own user pages or their talk pages.

Contributors that are banned from editing on the wiki will most likely disagree on that and will start to rebel against a staff member to invoke their ban or they will create a sockpuppet account to contribute or vandalize articles further. However, whatever reason there is, there is not a possible way to invoke a ban that you've received.

Request for blocking

If there are contributors with disruptive behavior, the contributors that are against it can ussue a request to one of the staff members to have the contributors that are causing disruption or harm to the wiki to be blocked. However, contributor should not issue the request of banning other contributors simply with the reason of disliking them, what they have done to them somewhere else, or not trusting them because of their various reasons. This also goes for staff members that are banning contributors without a solid reason. To send the request to a staff member, the contributor should leave a message through the request template.

Reasons for blocking

There are various kinds of reasons to ban or block a contributor from editing. Mostly the main reason a contributor get banned or blocked is mostly because of vandalism or if they are harassing fellow contributors and staff members. As stated, there are various kinds of reasons why the contributor is banned from editing article pages, templates, talk pages, user page and categories. Mostly the main reasons are:

  • Edit or revert warring.
  • Ignoring the warnings from a staff member.
  • Being incivil towards fellow contributors or staff members.
  • Vandalizing articles, talk pages, user pages, templates, or categories.
  • Harassing or persistent harassing a fellow contributor or a staff member.
  • Spamming articles, talk pages, user pages, templates, categories, contributors, or staff members.
  • Uploading fan art, sensative images or adding fan theories in articles, talk pages, user pages, templates or categories.
  • Sockpuppetry is not allowed.
  • If the contributor is showing signs of racism, homophobia or misogny.
  • Creating a love letter in the talk pages of a character, Yo-kai or to a contributor.
  • You will receive a formal warning when you edit an article without reading the policy.
  • If the contributor comes up with very unusual and irrelevent statements of their opinions.
  • Solving a problem through different methods such as a forum post on reddit or on a different wiki.
  • If a contributor created an account with a very unusual username or it contains sexual or racial references.

However, there are other reasons the contributor is being blocked from editing on the wiki. Sometimes there are requests made by the staff to continue their good action due to designing ideals. If the contributor isn't following the staff's request, they will receive at least four warnings. If they ignore all for warnings, the contributor will be banned with a light time of 3 weeks.

Staff blocking

A staff on Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia can be blocked as well, however, they can unblock themselves. The founder or bureaucrat can remove the rights and then issue the blocking. This is to create a balance and equality that every contributor can be blocked based on their actions whatever their status is. A staff member can be blocked for the following reasons:

  • If they are locking many articles without any personal reasons.
  • If they ban contributors due to conflicts happened on other websites, such as Discord.
  • If they are blocking or banning a contributor out of personal issues, such as simply not liking them.
  • If they are adding websites they own on article pages, talk pages or any kind of pages except their user page.
  • If they are adding fan art or 18+ images on the wiki.
  • If they coming with fan theories about the franchise.
  • If they are using vulgar language, racial remarks, signs of homophobia and misogny.
  • If they are not following the policy of the wiki, this will result in revoking the rights permanently.

There are as well other reasons why a staff member can be banned, but for that factor it is a bit complicated. Staff members received those rights due to respecting the policy and do not vandalise articles out of random.

Extended blocks

When a contributor is blocked mostly the talk page remains open. This is to have the contributor have their say on why they are blocked from the wiki. The comtributor has to explain its reason why and why they have done such kind of thing to cause any harm. Even if they break the rules and that it was not their intention, or they want to apologize, the block still will not be removed due that they already have caused harm. If the contributor starts to talk fowl in their respective talk page, their block will be extended for some time. This means that they do not have any respect for the wiki whatsoever. Any kinds of reasons as well, such as deleting their talk page will have their block extended for some time.

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