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On Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia, user pages are in general used as a user "profile", with information on a user's activities on the wiki, ranging from what pages they edit, what they are editing, what rights they hold, what groups they are a member etc. However, Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia does have a number of policies that apply to user pages.


  • Users should not make a list of users they dislike or wish to discredit on their user page. Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia should keep a positive editing environment and users should not attack or harass others on their user page.
  • The user page is intended to be a profile of a wiki editor. Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia is not a social networking site and it is expected that users who wish to edit regularly not solely focus on their user page.
  • Fair use images of Yo-kai Watch, that is, any screenshots and images that are copyrighted, can only be used on user pages if the image is already uploaded and is in use elsewhere on the wiki. Only three such images should be used on user pages.
  • There should be no hotlinked images in the user's page.
  • Pornography, fan art or anything that are disturbing the wiki's environment are prohibited on a user's page.
  • Advertisements are not allowed to be done on the user's page.

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