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Yo-kai Watch Wiki
File:YW Logo.png
Language English
Status Active
Creation July 31, 2017
Run 2017 - present
Founder KidProdigy
Articles 43
Edits 3,156
Mediawiki 1.41.0 (5498056)

Yo-kai Watch Wiki is a mediawiki-based website with a mission to become the definitive wiki-based Yo-kai Watch source. The wiki is founded on July 2017 by KidProdigy to compensate for the incomplete and unorganized structure at the Yo-kai Watch Wiki. We aim to become the most completed source of the Yo-kai Watch series.


Initially, the wiki has founded on another hosting website named Wikia since January 18, 2013. This happened after the official announcement of the series by the company Level-5. After reaching 5 articles in the same month, the wiki went on a long break due to translations issues about the original versions of the Yo-kai Watch video games. This lasted for three long years, in Europe it lasted for at least four years until they were released in the west. However, in the various contributors has registrated their own unique accounts and started to contribute on the wiki and creating articles of the series after its localization.

Yo-kai Watch Wiki strived to become an independent wiki. This is due to the forced wiki skin Wikis has setted up to aggressively promoting their ads on the main pages and as well highly aggressive if a contributor did not create an account and edit anonymous. The wiki had a poll placed on the main page. However, that idea was cancelled but in July 2015, a request was made to move the Yo-kai Watch Wiki from Wikia to Gamepedia. During an agreement, it came to known about the add placement on articles on Gamepedia. Althrough the Gamepedia version of the Yo-kai Watch Wiki was already established, there was a poll in the wikia forums of Yo-kai Watch Wiki. This was for the contributors who would like to contribute to the Gamepedia version of Yo-kai Watch Wiki. Several contributors have voted for yes, but only three contributors have voted for a no. However, despite many agreed to it, there was no involvement of editing on the Yo-kai Watch Gamepedia wiki.

The desire to move independent grew a lot of times, until a friend of KidProdigy suggested that he would create a prototype wiki under an unique url. After contributors where interested, the plan halted for announcement due to server costs in the near future. Months later, KidProdigy came across Mirahaze, and established the independent wiki under their servers.


Yo-kai Watch Wiki mission is to become the greatest mediawiki-based site that contains full information of the Yo-kai Watch franchise. We are trying to gather every kind of information that we stumble on and share them with the Yo-kai Watch fanbase. We are trying to get full detailed information about development, announcements, story and many more of the franchise that we are also trying to give away interest for players all over the world that are not interested in the franchise or lost interest in it. We are always looking for dedicated contributors that can help us out with gathering information and helping us out with the hardest possibilities that the wiki currently suffers.

At this wiki we are against contributors that are using this wiki to promote their websites, their artwork, illegal images, 18+ content and many things that are not true to the original version of the series. This wiki is also against contributors that are using this wiki as their joking spot, and with that we mean vandalism. We do also not encourage hardcore fans of the franchise that are only aiming to become an administrator as well using contributors against the current staff to force them to revoke their rights and becoming an administrator in that way. Yo-kai Watch Wiki do not accept contributors with a hard-boiled attitude. On Yo-kai Watch Wiki we are all equals and we need to respect one another. Yo-kai Watch Wiki is a free encyclopedia, and not a real full- or part-time job.


Here is a list of the Yo-kai Watch Wiki staff:

Current staffs

Username Position
KidProdigy Administrator, Bureaucrat