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Greetings, welcome to my talk page.
If you have any questions, you can talk to me at my talk page.

Welcome to my user page, my name is KidProdigy (a really strange user name, I know). I was the founder as well bureaucrat at the Yo-kai Watch Wiki over at Fandom (formerly known as Wikia), but I left the wiki because of my very busy schedule as well as my creatvity being condensend by Fandom's random implemencations of design, thus I head over to Miraheze. There I wanted to create the best Yo-kai Watch Wiki there is. However, the popularity of the franchise declined drastically, but I still wanted to create content as a passion project.


  • category:templates that contain notice boxes
    • template:n-notice
    • template:n-spoiler
    • template:n-user
    • template:n-specific
    • template:n-template
    • template:n-infobox
    • template:n-talk
    • template:n-sandbox
    • template:n-space
  • category:templates that contain infoboxes
    • template:i-yokai
    • template:i-game
    • template:i-demo
    • template:i-movie
    • template:i-episode
    • template:i-tcg
    • template:i-character
    • template:i-info
  • category:templates that contains alphabetical links
    • template:l-g (game)
    • template:l-w (wikipedia)
    • template:l-t (translate)
    • template:l-y (yo-kai)
  • category:templates that contains structures
    • template:s-box (spoiler)
    • template:w-box (warning)