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A Sock Puppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The name "Sock Puppet" can be a reference to a hand puppet made from a sock which is originally referred for creating a false identity by a member of an internet community who spoke to, or about himself while pretending to be another person. There is a huge difference between a pseudonym and the creation of a sock puppet. A sock puppet poses as an independent third-party unaffiliated with the puppeteer. Here at the Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia, creating a sock puppet is extremely forbidden to do which can cause damageable purpose to the other users who don't know that they are talking to a false username of the same user that has good connection with the one who uses a sock puppet account.


  • Usage of sock puppetry will get banned after that it has been discovered by the main editors or by a administrator. The length of being banned can be extended after that the main administrator decided that the original user who created the false account to infinite.
    • You're talk page will be leaved open and can discuss about it further and can make your own opinion. But asking that we must unblock you is not going to happen. If this event of constantly asking further of unblocking then your username will be blocked. Do NOT discuss this issue to the community central, because it is you're mess and it can be easily explained to the community about it as well.
  • Creating different accounts are actually acceptable, but only if it is a bot that has been controlled by the original user who activated the bot. There can also be a false blocking, which you can explain what the second account was for. However, the identity of the main user must be specified, and the secondary account cannot be used to vote separately in discussions.
    • Do not create new usernames that are named from the characters and locations around this wiki. Evenly do not create new usernames used for various purpose: cyber-bullying, vandalism, sexual harassment and many kinds of other things that has been forbidden to do on the internet.
  • Please do not fake that you're a teenager evenly known that you're a adult to impress peoples that are not coming from the same category as you, or evenly faking that you're a teenager instead. It can follow shocking consequences for you and for the one you're tricking.


Sock puppetry is not in use for ballot, which means creating false accounts in supporting users or yourself to become administrator or rollback, this is strongly forbidden. Bureaucrat rights are not given around this wiki because they cannot be undone, and evenly so if the main bureaucrat has been tricked with sock puppetry it is hard to undo the status.

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