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Uploading images on Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia has its limitations among contributors. This means that any images uploaded to this wiki that are useless will be removed, and any other kinds of images that are not Yo-kai Watch related will be removed as well. Every file that has been uploaded to the wiki should be structured first before being put into use, such as adding a image tag as well categorizing the image. Uploading images is quite easy most of times. If you want to upload an image you should head over to upload to upload your respective image. But before you are uploading any image, please do read the policy guideline what is acceptable to upload or what is not accepted to be uploaded on the wiki.


There are four different file types that this wiki accepts, but does not accept them for use. The file types are PNG, JPG', GIF and SVG. Do know that both GIF and SVG files are strictly prohibited for use and JPG images likewise.

  • GIF images are always on a small size and are always on a very low quality that shows glitchy features as well. That said, GIF images are not allowed to be uploaded to the wiki. This can result into a warning and eventually in a ban.
  • SVG images are more different kind of file types. SVG images are in fact vector images that shows no any resolution decrease while extending the images to its highest level. However, as being a XML-based file, there is no any reason to upload any SVG files to the wiki, but mostly due to its naming. Uploading those kind of files will result into a warning and eventually in a ban.
  • JPG images are the most used file types, but however, compared to PNG and SVG files, they are heavily impure. A JPG file shows pixel decrease and does not look fresh when those images are placed on the wiki. Due that JPG images are mostly used and mostly known, there is no strict warning when a contributor uploads those files to the wiki. However, the images will be removed and replaced with PNG file images.

Images that are uploaded with poor file names will be removed from the wiki. Do know that we follow a pattern for the wiki that are both easy to remember and easy to find. If you come out with a very difficult file name that contains only numbers and random lettering, the file will be removed in an instant. There is no any chance that the file name will be renamed to be in use afterwards. Re-upload the image with a better file name is the second option if you want to have the image to return to the wiki.

If there is a image that is not relatable to the Yo-kai Watch franchise other than collaborations and you've uploaded them to the wiki, there will be a high chance that they are going to be removed for use. You will receive a warning afterwards that will tell you not to upload those kinds of images to the wiki. If you discover it far quicker than the staff member that the image has been removed and you complain to them, the chances are high that you will be banned much faster than usual.

Legalty tagging

The copyrights and rights of every image that are coming from the animation, manga, specials, video games, merchandise or movies or posters of the Yo-kai Watch franchise belongs to Level-5, Bandai Namco, Nintendo, Shogakukan, TV Tokyo, OLM, Inc. and Dentsu, but mostly to Level-5. Please do understand that any images that you are uploading or that you've uploaded does not belong to you and you do not claim ownership of it. Every images in fact belongs to its creators and no matter what your reasonings are, they do not belong to you. Images that are fan art or even 18+ artwork are not falling under the same category as they are mostly seen as fan project, however, it is strictly prohibited to upload any of these images to the wiki.

Image quality

Do know that high resolution images are much better than images of poor resolution. This can be either JPG files or GIF files. Images that are of poor quality will be removed from the wiki in an instant. If a contributor discovers an image of poor quality, please place the i-poorfile in the file's respective page. This to mark which file is of low quality to be removed from the wiki.

  • This wiki should only use PNG file images over JPG file images. This is due that PNG file images are of a much more higher resolution on the web than JPG file images. As JPG file images are commonly more used for printing. If you would like to convert a JPG file to a PNG file, the best and easiest thing that we suggest is that you are using Paint which is on every Microsoft-based computer.
  • Use a good file name, do not upload an image that has a very confusing and very non-sensical file name, such as only adding numbers and random letters. Any files that contains such title should be tagged with i-poorname. Those images will not be renamed but removed in an instant.
  • Leave the file in its true size, do not clip the file and upload them on the wiki and especially do not place them in any articles. If there are images that are clipped and not true to their sizes, tag the image with the falsefile. The image will be removed in an instant and re-uploading them will result into a warning which will eventually lead you to be banned from the wiki.
  • Do not upload files that contains subtitles or translations made by scanalation or other non-official groups or organizations. It is best to use only RAW (Non-subtitled or translated content) files when clipping them from manga or animated content, such as anime and movies.
  • Avoid all traces of watermark that are not official. If the image contains an official watermark, tag it with i-watermarkedfile.

Image galleries

It is strictly prohibited to create galleries of Yo-kai, characters, games, or any kind of things. The usage of galleries will only lead to adding images that are unrelated or useless to use and contributors are more focusing on decorating those articles rather than focusing on editing and adding contents. If there are contributors that are creating seperate articles that contain galleries, they will be banned in an instant for the max duration of 3 months.

The only articles that are using galleries are video games, and movies. Other than that, there should be no galleries in any other articles. There are as well chances that galleries should be necessary in characters articles to show designs of comparison, if they have altered or new designs.

Re-uploading images

By any means, do not re-upload files that have already been uploaded. Most of the times when the wiki detects file names of the same name, the contributor will be warned about it that a file with the same name already exists. However, when a contributor uploads a file that contains the same image but with a different name, the image will be removed in an instant. If you want to re-upload a new file to the wiki and it is already there before you wanted to upload it, then replace the file through Upload a new version of this file. This will allows you to upload a new version of the already existing file. However, there is a reason why this is not permitted to use on the wiki, this is to prevent wasting space and creating a confusing mess of images throughout the wiki.

Prohibited images

Mature-only images

Yo-kai Watch is a franchise aimed towards children and for everyone in a higher age category. Images that are uploaded to the wiki that contains mature content such as racial slurs, discrimination or sexual content will receive a ban of indefinite time. It is strictly prohibited to upload those kind of images to the wiki. Information that are also coming from those content are also extremely prohibited for use. This is as well due that those content is always fan projects. Putting those images on your user page is prohibited as well, and even when you are placing a banner saying that there is mature content. Especially when thinking that you are happy to find a website were you can add those kind of content without knowing what the wiki is about. Again, uploading any of those kinds of images will leave you with an indefinite ban.

Fan artwork

Fan artwork is not allowed to be uploaded on the wiki even if it is your own your work. This wiki is a progressive encyclopedia dedicated for the Yo-kai Watch franchise and it is not for promoting your own work or anything else in that manner. Mostly, when you are uploading fan artwork that is not yours, the artist of the artwork copyrighted it and this will have a legal despute between the wiki and the rightfull owner of the artwork. To prevent that as well, fan art is strictly prohibited. The ban of that will be a half year. This ban is much more lighter than the ban you will receive if you are uploading mature content, which is indefinite.

GIF images

GIF images are extremely prohibited for use due to the pixel decrease and small size of the image. Contributors that are uploading GIF images will have a ban of at least a half year. But before that, you will receive at least three warnings that will tell you not to upload any of those kinds of images.

Unrelated images

It is as well strictly prohibited to use images that are unrelated to the franchise, such as randomly uploading a Dragon Ball image. Only artwork where the franchise had a collaboration with is allowed, but that does not mean that any of those collaborative images are allowed. The images of collaboration the franchise had should only use images that are used during the collaboration, not a random image. If uploaders are complaining about it even after a warning, they will be banned for year or two.

Image placement

When you have uploaded your image and placing it in an article, do know how you place them. An image should not be uploaded and put randomly in an article. Each image should be placed next to text where the story is about. Any images that are placed randomly will be removed from the wiki and you will receive a warning. Most contributors have no any idea on how they should place an image in an article. Infoboxes that are created on this wiki uses a modified image placement where it is already decided on what size the image should be, rather than contributors putting a random number and thinking that it is acceptable.

Images that are uploaded on this wiki never must have "px" added to their image, instead place |thumb|right| or |thumb|left|.

Images of userpages

The user page is an contributor's own creative space where they can do whatever they, however, there are limitations of your creative freedom on your user page. Most of this information can be found in general policy. The user is prohibited adding images that contain sexual content, fan artwork, GIF images and images that are not related to the series. If that happens the images will be removed, your user page will be locked and you will be banned from the wiki for some time or for always if you've uploaded sexual content.

Fair use tags

This wiki makes use of fair use tags. Those tags are important to mark an image to be fair use. This prevent us from any legal problems between this wiki and with the companies that are managing the franchise. Many of the tags can be found in Image tag category. Every image tag has different purposes, and if you are seeking for a specific tag, do read their function as well. Those tags should be placed on any articles that has been uploaded to the wiki.

Image categorization

Each image that are uploaded to Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia need to be categorized. This is to make it much more easier for contributors to find certain images to place them into articles or other articles. Categorizing images varies by name, but you can find the entire inventory of those categories in the main images category.

Yo-kai articles have an category system in their infobox. It is stricly probihited to upload images and placing them inside those categories or any kind of categories. If that happens you can receive three warnings. Ignoring all three warnings will result in a ban of at least 6 months.

Game cover uploading

Do only upload game covers which ratings are already known. Do not upload game images which age rating is still pending, even if the image is of high quality. If one upload a game cover which ratings are still pending will be removed from the wiki.

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