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The signature policy shows what the contributor can put into their signature on Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia. There are some contributors that want to make flashy things, but unfortunately, it takes in unnessecary data from the wiki to do so. So do read this policy to prevent yourself from getting banned or receiving an warning from a staff member.


  • You are not allowed to upload images to the wiki and placing them in your signature.
  • You must not make an signature complicated.
  • Sexual themes or racial remarks are not allowed to be in your signature as well racial and homophobic slurs.
  • Links to another website or your own website are not allowed as it will be seen as advertisement.

Unfortunately, these are the demands for creating your own signature. You are free to do whatever with your signature, but above implies what you are not allowed to do. The policy can change due time if there are things happening that are unpleasant for the wiki.

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