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The general policy is a set of important rules that the contributors and staff member must follow before they edit on the wiki. This is an overall guideline that can help contributors warn one another when they are breaking the rules listed below. Contributors can give the link of this policy to new contributors i order to keep the wiki civil and organized.

General rules

We have setted up a policy that the contributors and staff members should follow. In order to prevent them from getting banned or blocked from Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia, read the rules carefully and not carelessly. When receiving warnings, do not talk in a angered tone or disrespectful matter or any of that sorts. This will decrease one warning and lead you to receive a ban much quicker.

  • Both contributors and staff members are not allowed to place advertisements on the wiki.
  • It is prohibited to create articles that contains sexual content, racial remarks, empty with simple words, or extremely stubbed. Even if the contributor will return to edit the article, the article will be removed.
  • Contributors and staff members should not harass one another.
    • They should not harass one another through articles or talk pages.
  • Contributors should not bother a staff member in becoming an administrator of the wiki and how to become one.
  • Starting an edit war is prohibited on this wiki. Both parties will be banned for a minimum of time when that happens and the article will be locked for one month.
  • It is prohibited to place fan theories in the articles or in the trivia section, as well as own opinions. They will be removed from the wiki as they do not contain accurate information.
  • Contributors should not harass a contributor to borrow content from this wiki or how a template is created.
  • Do not ask a inaccurate things to a contributor or staff member.
  • Don't take any content from this wiki and placing it on your own website or wiki.

The policy that are placed above are the standard demands both contributor and staff member should follow. Besides the basic policy outline, there are more rules that are in this policy page. This to give away in detail why they are prohibited for use on the wiki.

Changing the policy guideline

It is strictly prohibited that a contributor requests a staff member if they could change the policy as a contributor have no rights in changing the policy. Even if they find a fault of text, or any grammatical error. Staff members are allowed to change the policy, but only after discussing with their fellow staff members in the wiki's official discord channel. Do not try to harass a staff member in the discord channel or on the wiki to ask them if they could change or add a new rule to the policy or requesting yourself as a contributor to add new things to the policy. Asking such matter, unfortunately, will lead to a block or ban of contributing to the wiki.

Asking staff rights

It is prohibited to ask for staff rights to a staff member, even if there is a low list of staff members. It is as well prohibited to ask a staff member on how you can become a staff member, as you must have the full potential and activity to become a staff member of Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia. Do not bother a staff member on the official discord channel of the wiki. The chances will be high that you will be banned from the wiki and from the discord channel due to being a nuisance to the staff.

Yo-kai Watch World

It is prohibited to take any information or images that we receive from Yo-kai Watch World to use it on your own website. You should either credit the website for using it or you will have to remove them from the wiki if you refuse giving any credits. Do note that the information both this wiki and Yo-kai Watch World took a lot of time to find, and it will be very disrespectful to claim information as you own on a different site. Even if the wiki you run is fair use, or public usage, you should either credit Yo-kai Watch World or remove the information or images entirely.

Changing article structure

This wiki follows a quality standard, which means that the structure of articles is already set. If there are contributors that are changing the structure of an article entirely to their own or even a little bit, the article will be undone to its previous state. Even after you have added valuable information the article will be undone to match with the quality standard of this wiki. Relationships are prohibited to add in the articles. If you add the relationship header in articles, it will be removed from the wiki and you will receive a warning from the staff member for adding it.


We do take on affiliations with the ones that are proven to be important and dedicated to the Yo-kai Watch franchise. We do not enclose affiliations with Wikia's due to various kinds of reasons. So, if you are a member of a Yo-kai Watch Wiki hosted by Wikia, then you should know that you gave 0% chance of asking for an affiliations with us. Websites that are up and running and want to become a affiliate of this wiki will be granted after an inspection and Q&A to see if you are worthy of our affiliation.

Yo-kai Watch and Yo-Kai Watch

Due at the very beginning of the Yo-kai Watch series, the pronunciation of the word was unknown and was mostly used pronounced and written as Yo-Kai Watch. However, that is not the way on how to write it. Yo-Kai Watch is written as Yo-kai Watch and only should be written here as Yo-kai Watch. Do not create large texts with Yo-Kai Watch in it, as the entire section will be undone and should not be reversed until there are contributors that are re-writting the correct way of Yo-kai Watch.

You and Player

This wiki uses player instead of you. Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia is an encyclopdic website and not a guidebook were we help out players and telling them exactly what to do to pass certain things. This wiki uses third-person speech and thus player is the best solution to make things formal. You can receive a warning if you place you rather than player in articles when writing information. This means that you are not professionally fitted to help out to create contents of information for the viewer that visits the wiki to gather information for their own. So, do not write you in any context on this wiki, write player instead.

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