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The protection of articles is set because of prevention from contributors that are editing with the wrong intentions. Sometimes however, there can be some things that are not because of that but because of egocentric and selfish reasons. The reasons can vary from vandalism, edit wars, and fan theories. But it is also possible for revamping articles by staff members. A staff member should never lock articles with the wrong intentions or selfish reasons. Staff members must have legitimate reasons why they lock an article from contributors to prevent them from editing. Not only articles can be protected, also templates and categories will be protected from editing.

Reasons for protecting a namespace

First, a namespace is a very large grouping of articles divided by function. The reason for articles to be protected is due to halt edit war, vandalism, and fan theories. But there can be multiple other reasons on to why the articles are protected from editing by contributors. There can be a heated debate about certain articles and will be protected once things has been settled by both parties. It is also because a staff member want to improve the design of an article and restructure the article they have locked.

However, the namespaces templates, category, and policy are protected due to high concern. Templates are an important piece of our architectural design of crafting articles on the wiki. There will be a high risk that that piece of building that has set up will collapse due to a regular contributors lack of understandance of coding. The coding the templates has range from easy to difficult which needs to read with caution not to disturb the template's structure. The templates are thus fully locked from editing by a contributor. Categories has the same reason for being fully protected, as that the text should be explainable as possible. However, contributors are not creating a category in such way, which they use a simple line of text as well adding images and creating an article like category while that is not necessary. Policy is a namespace that should not be edited by anyone besides the staff after discussing the matter of updating the policy guidelines or reforming or adding new content to the guideline. Creating new templates, categories, and policy guidelines is prohibited on this wiki.

Sometimes articles can be semi-locked, which means that contributors can still edit them after they have edited on a wiki for some time. But that can also be for unregistered contributors that cannot edit certain articles. Due that this wiki do not accept unregistered contributors due to prevent vandalism, semi-protection is rarely used on this wiki.

Articles will not be unlocked even if a contibutor will ask for it. The limited time can be up to 2 to 5 months.

Fully protected

A Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia staff member can fully protect an article only when it is necessary and not for their own selfish reasons. This is due that it will be unfair for contributors and make it feel that staff members have more control over a contributor. Also, we want Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia a place were everyone can edit freely without being halted for editing. The following reasons for a staff member to protect the articles can be because:

  • Contributors are adding fan theories in articles which are always for a 100% inaccurate.
  • Contributors have commited editing war with their fellow contributors about the content they have placed or replaced in an article.
  • A Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia staff member is currently restructuring the article according to the quality standards.
  • Some namespaces are not meant to be edited by contributed as they are known as high-risk namespaces were the contributor will ruin the namespaces they are editing in.

Protection request

If a contributor thinks that there is a article that is not save to be edited by everyone they can request that by putting the protect template on top of an article. The article will be semi-protected were contributors still can edit the article that have contributed for a long while on the wiki. The contributor cannot ask for a full protection as contributors with the right intentions cannot edit the article by adding new content or doing a quality check.

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