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№ #{{{number}}} {{{quest title}}}


This template is is only for articles that contains requests or favors. This template should not be used in any other articles that request or favors. This template has a switch parameter were the contributor can mark either requests or favors.

Fair use

This template can be used in other wiki's or websites, however, you should credit Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia for using this template even if you remake the template in your own way. If that not happens, then we will kindly request you to remove the template from your site. All the hard work on this template would be for naught if we don't receive credit for creating it, even we are using templates or codes from different wiki's and credits them for their hard work, it would be kind if you would do the same if you take this template.

How to use it

Template without text
| number = 
| quest title = 
| image = 
| image2 = 
| caption =
| rank =  
| story = 
| location = 
| time = 
| reward = 
| experience = 
| game = 

№ #01 Quest Title

Quest caption
Rank S, A, B, C, D or E
Story Game chapter
Location Quest location
Time Daytime or Nighttime
Reward Items or anything else
EXP. points Experience points
Video game debut In what game the quest appears


№ #01 Y-Cola to the Rescue!

Upper image contains the start of the quest, bottom of the image is were the location of the quest is located.
Rank E
Story Protect The Seals!
Location Uptown Springdale
Time During the day
Reward 10-Cent Gum, Gooey Candy, Giant Cracker
EXP. points Player gains 17 experience points.
Video game debut Yo-kai Watch