Welcome to the World of Yo-kai

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Welcome to the World of Yo-kai (ようこそ妖怪ワールド Yōkoso Yōkai Wārudo) is the first Chapter of Yo-kai Watch.


The story begins with the group in Triangle Park were Eddie is showing them his bug collection. Being phrased by the others, Eddie that there is a forest near his vacation home and that it is full of bugs and always ending up getting rare ones. Bear tells the group that he is the one that caught the most as that Eddie got squeamish a couple times. Bear focuses his attention to the player, asking them if they are bug collecting for their summer project as well. The player tells Bear that he has a little trouble getting motivated. Bear claims that the player haven't even started and states that they don't have a single bug. Bear goes that far telling the player that he is pulling the legs off a spider and saying that it is some rare insect. Both Eddie and Bear laughing at the player about it. The other player tells Bear to leave the player alone and tells him that the player is just pacing themselves. The player answers to Bear saying that he already caught some and even saying that they have bought a bunch. Bear tells the player to prove it, and Eddie weighting in after the player's statement. The player tells them that they don't have them with them and if they have them with them, they would've showed it. Bear tells the player to show it to them next time and Eddie tells the player that they should let them know when they can see their collection. The two then walks out of Triangle Park with the player heading back home. The player then enters their room to get their bug net saying that they will show those guys and that they are going to catch a ton of super-rare bugs right now. After obtaining the Bug Net, the player wonders were to find rare bugs, and concludes that they will look for them back at the park and will let their mother know before they go.

Once the player arrives downstairs, they are talking to their mother. The player tells their mother that they are going to catch some bugs at the park were their mother tells them not to stay out too late which the player understood. Their mother then asks them if they remember to do their summer diary entry, which the player replies that they do. Their mother notices that the player doesn't do it and tells them that they will forget what they have done this summer if they don't write it all down. The player tells their mother that they will do. The player moves out of the house heading towards Triangle Park, once there, the player believes that Eddie got their bugs at Triangle Park as well and says that there got to be some rare bugs around and that they will keep their eyes peeled. The player captures all three bugs from the three trees that are pointed. After the player managed to capture all three bugs, they believe to have captured every bug around Triangle Park. They are saddened that they got bugs, but no rare bugs. The player then notices that one of the bugs was glowing and afterwards is thinking where rare bugs are. The player then comes up with an idea to ask the school janitor because he is always talking about his bug collection.

The player meets with the school janitor at Springdale Elementary. There, the janitor greets the player and says that he heard some of the kids talking and that it sounds that the player needs some help. The janitor tells the player that he was thinking about some good places to find rare bugs for the player's collection. The janitor then tells the player to check out Mt. Wildwood as that the player can find some good stuff. The janitor gives the player his secret little pro tip for capturing bugs were the player received 3 Black Syrups. The janitor gives the player direction where they should go to reach Mt. Wildwood.

Once the player enters Mt. Wildwood, they are impressed seeing all the trees saying that they practically smell the bugs. The player then believes that all the good bugs like to hang out in the deep woods past the sanctuary. The player passes the sanctuary and says that the forest is great and that it almost feels kind of magical. However, the player entered the end of the line, but they find that OK and looks around what kind of bugs they can find around. Then, the player can choose between one of the three trees were the pin is located. After encountering them, the player walks back to the gate saying that there are a lot of bugs but there is nothing rare. The gate mysteriously opens which shocks the player wondering where it went. The player then has an idea to sneak a little deeper into the woods believing that there might be some great bugs located around there.

Once entering past the gate, the player is impressed seeing the giant tree. The player walks closer and sees a Gashapon machine that talks to the player asking to be feed. This shock the player asking who was telling him that. The gashapon machine is still asking the player to feed him, which the player believes that they should feed him a coin. The player puts the coin into the machine and twists it which a capsule comes out of the machine. The player takes it and opens it revealing a ghost that comes out of the capsule revealing himself to be Whisper. Shocked, the player asks the Whisper what he is, and Whisper replies that he is a Yo-kai. Whisper then explains what he is but goes a bit too far, with the player telling Whisper that he gets it already. The player then plans to leave and not break eye contact with Whisper. Whisper notices it and ask the player where they are going. Whisper asks the player to at least finish his story before they try to sneak off. The player apologizes and tells Whisper that they are busy catching bugs. Whisper then asks the player if they are interested in searching for some Yo-kai instead of bugs. Shocked, the player asks Whisper if there are more like them. Whisper then tells the player to put aside their bug net and give them the Yo-kai Watch. The player likes what they've received from Whisper and asking him what it is. Whisper explains what the Yo-kai Watch is, which is a device that allows the player to see Yo-kai. Shocked, the player asks Whisper a question of what if they don't want to see them. The player tells Whisper that they appreciate it, but they were really interested in finding bugs. Whisper tells the player not to be lazy and to try some adventure and some excitement. The Yo-kai Watch suddenly reacts, where Whisper saying that there must be a Yo-kai close by. Whisper tells the player that he is getting some odd sensations from the tree and asks the player to look.

The player must use the lens of their Yo-kai Watch to detect Yo-kai. Once at the place the player tells Whisper that they don't see anything. Whisper tells the player that indeed they cannot see them and tells them that they are trying to see them with their eyes but not with their wrist and tells them to push the button on the side. The lens pops open which the player mistaken it as a bubble, which Whisper corrects the player saying that it is a Yo-kai Lens and tells them that they can see Yo-kai through the lens. Whisper explains to the player how they should use their Yo-kai Watch. After that, the player must seek the Yo-kai that is around the trees. There the player finds the Yo-kai Buhu which after that, the player should talk her. Shocked, the player asks Whisper if Buhu is another Yo-kai. Buhu tells them that she was having such a nice nap and that the player had to go and wake her up. Which she finds it poor for herself. Buhu then takes revenge to Nate for waking her up which Whisper telling Nathan that they have made her upset and that she might be getting ready to attack the player. The player asks Whisper what they should do, which Whisper replies saying that the player should call forth the rest of their Yo-kai friends. The player tells Whisper that they don't have any Yo-kai friends. Whisper tells the player that it is a little rude to their cicada friend they've caught. The player notices that the cicada is glowing. Shocked, the player wonders what the cicada had done. The cicada introduces himself to the player as the Yo-kai Cadin. Cadin tells the player that his heart was abuzz as he has witnessed the player bug catching. The player does not know how to respond to that and thanked him for it. Cadin then offers the player his Yo-kai Medal. The player wonders about the Yo-kai Medal which Cadin tells the player that the Yo-kai Medal is a symbol of their friendship and that the player is ever in need they should use the medal to call upon him. Cadin explains further that he will be at their side faster than a chirping cricket on a bullet train. The player thanks Cadin for their Yo-kai Medal, which the player befriends Cadin. Buhu tells the player that he went ahead and forgot about her. The player remembers it and apologized to Buhu. Cadin is prepared to battle, but Buhu does not want to fight. Whisper whishes the player good luck since it is their first battle.

Before the battle begins, Whisper explains the battle tutorial to the player. After that, the player fights against Buhu. Once the player defeated Buhu, the player tells her that she should not attack people for no good reason. Buhu knows that she has lost and asks the player if they are going to grill or fry her. Grossed, the player tells Buhu that they don't want to do either. Buhu then ask the player if they are going to make her ask them for forgiveness. The player tells Buhu that is the other way around since they are the ones waking her up. Understanding, Buhu gives the player her medal. After the player received Buhu's medal, Whisper congratulates them for having two medals. Whisper explains that the more Yo-kai friends they make, the more Yo-kai Medals they get and if they place them in a very handy book, they are all set, which the player receives the Yo-kai Medallium. Cadin tells the player that it was a find performance from a strong performer, which Cadin departs, hoping that he and the player will meet again. Buhu tells the player that she will leave as well. Being in disbelieve, the player asks Whisper if they just became friends with Yo-kai.

Afterwards, Whisper asking the player if they have understood Yo-kai a little better. The player tells Whisper that it is in fact hard to believe that Yo-kai exist in the first place. Whisper then explains to the player that Yo-kai are everywhere and tells them to use their watch to make more Yo-kai friends.


Welcome, Yokai!
Summer Project
Bear and Eddie showed me their rare bugs. I still haven't caught a single bug for my summer project... For now, I'll head to the park. I'll catch a rare bug and show both of them!

Bear and Eddie are really proud of their rare bugs. I still haven't caught a single one for my summer project. For now, I'll head to the park. I need to catch a rare bug to show them!

Search for Rare Bugs
I don't think there are any rare bugs in the park. But the janitor at school knows tons about rare bugs. I'lll go and ask him!
Wild Mount Wildwood
The janitor said I can find a lot of bugs on Mount Wildwood. Maybe some rare ones are hiding up there somewhere...?
Yo-kai Watch!
What? What the heck?! A "Yo-kai"?? And its name is Whisper? I don't know what any of this is, but I did get a strange watch. Apparently it will let me see "Yo-kai." Not sure I want to...

Automatically befriended Yo-kai


Item Description How to obtain
Bug Net A bug net that your mom bought for you years ago. Automatically after the first event at Triangle Park.
Green Cicada 3x A green cicada that sings a song that feels like summer! In all three trees in Triangle Park.
Black Syrup 3x Bugs love this stuff. It'll make bugs easier to catch. From the school Janitor at Springdale Elementary after talking to him.
Yo-kai Watch A mysterious watch that allows you to see Yo-kai. After freeing Whisper from the Crank-a-kai.
Plum Rice Ball A rice ball with a pickled plum in it. It's kinda sour. After defeating Buhu at the result screen.
Yo-kai Medallium You can store medals and read Yo-kai information in here. After receiving Buhu's Yo-kai Medal.



Use Circle Pad to Move Move around with the Circle Pad. To run, hold the B Button while moving!
Talking to Others Talk to your mom on the first floor!
Saving Select Diary from the menu to save your progress. Don't forget to use your diary often to save your game!
Objective Find your objective on the map!
Magnifiying glass will appear when you approach a tree in the park. See if you can find any rare bugs!
Find bugs in Watch Mode! Enter Watch Mode by examining a spot were you see . Line up the lens with the bug you want, and time your catch just right!
Find bugs in Yo-kai Radar Press up on the +Control Pad to swutch your watch to Radar Mode. See if you can use the Yo-kai Radar to find hidden Yo-kai!
Hiding Yo-kai The radar will show you how close you are to the hidden Yo-kai. The radar will also show the rank of the hidden Yo-kai. Examine the areas where the needle picks up hidden Yo-kai.
Yo-kai Lens Line up the lens with a hidden Yo-kai to start analyzing it. The guage around the lens will fill up when you've uncovered the Yo-kai! Keep the lens on the fleeing Yo-kai until the gauge is full!
Soultimate Moves Your Yo-kai will fight on its own, even if you don'r do anything. But if you want to help, select Soultimate to do a Soultimate Charge!
Powering Your Soultimate Follow the instructions to fill up your Yo-kai's Soul Meter... and unleash your Soultimate Move on the enemy Yo-kai!
Yo-kai Medallium You can check the Yo-kai Medallium from the Info screen. It contains information about each Yo-kai you've collected. The last pages of the Yo-kai Medallium are the Legend Pages! Collect the eight medals on a page to cause a nifty little suprise to happen!


Talk to Mom downstairs! Find some bugs at Triangle Park! Check the trees for bugs!
Talk to the school janitor! Look for bugs on Mount Wildwood! Use your lens!
Talk to the Yo-kai you found!


  • After the first chapter, the Yo-kai Cam becomes available with the tutorial automatically being added at Help.
  • Elements from the first episode has been adopted from the first chapter.

Yo-kai Watch chapters list
Chapter 1:
Welcome to the World of Yo-kai
第1章 ようこそ妖怪ワールド
Chapter 2:
Enter Jibanyan!
第2章 ジバニャンとの出会い
Chapter 3:
Protect The Seals!
第3章 町の結界を守れ!
Chapter 4:
Timers & More
第4章 時計のチョーシ堂
Chapter 5:
The Ring in the Pond
第5章 どんこ池に消えた指輪
Chapter 6:
What Dad Forgot
第6章 お父さんの忘れもの
Chapter 7:
Kyubi the Bully
第7章 いじわる妖怪キュウビ
Chapter 8:
Eddies Search
第8章 カンチの妖怪さがし
Chapter 9:
The Extreme Dare
第9章 ドキドキきもだめし
Chapter 10:
The Checkup of Doom
第10章 あぶない健康診断!?
Chapter 11:
Farewell, Yo-kai!
第11章 さよなら妖怪ワールド
Infinite Inferno