Enter Jibanyan!

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After the events at the previous chapter, the player is seen walking home alongside Whisper. The player asks Whisper why he is following them home. Whisper tells the player that it will be easy for him to make sure that he is always there for them. The player tells Whisper that it is nice for him to do so, but it makes them feel like Little Bo Beep. Whisper then transforms into a sheep adding to the reference the player made. Whisper then tells the player that if they need to know anything, they can ask him and tells that it is his job to make certain the player is well taken care of. Surprised, the player asks Whisper why they need to be taken care of. Whisper tells the player that they are a young individual aimlessly wandering about and without its support, how would the player ever have made friends with any Yo-kai. The player acknowledges that and asks Whisper why it is important to do that. Whisper dismisses the player's question and tells him that he is glad that they are on the same page and that they can go inside so that Whisper can see its new home. The player tells Whisper that he can only stay for a little bit, and whispers that their mother is going to flip.

Once inside the house, the player tells that they are home. There they see their parents arguing against each other, which the player notices it. Whisper tells the player that relationships are complex and that parents can be best friends and worst enemies. The player wonders why it must be like that which Whisper tells the player that it is a good question. Whisper continues saying that the uninvited houseguest of the player might have some answers for them. Wondering, the player asks what Whisper is talking about since there are not any houseguests. Whisper tells the player that there is a Yo-kai in their house and is the reason why their parents are fighting. Shocked, the player asks Whisper were, which Whisper responds that the player should take a look through the lens of their [[Yo-kai Watch (item)}Yo-kai Watch]]. The player opens their Yo-kai Watch and finds Dismarelda near their parents. The player then talks to Dismarelda which she responds saying that they really can see her. The player explains the reason why they can see her. Dismarelda interrupts them by saying that she is sorry for giving them the impression that she was interested in their life story and ask them how they can help them. Whisper tells the player that they must learn to be a bit more direct and that they need to make some force in the situation. Shocked, the player asks Whisper if they should fight her. Dismarelda tells the player that they will never dare to raise a hand to a lady. Being in an insecure situation, Cadin comes after the player summons him. Cadin says that he will strike down Dismarelda with the strength of a dozen cicadas. Once Cadin attacks Dismarelda, he gets knocked down and tells that she is strong and vanished. Shocked, the player says that Cadin did not even stand a chance. Dismarelda asks the player if they are done as she is busy. Whisper then tells the player that they are going with plan B and that is to get out of the house as fast as they can. The player asks Whisper if he just want to run away. Whisper tells the player that they need to make friends with more Yo-kai to take Dismarelda down. Whisper then tells that they need to be friends with three more Yo-kai and that the player should keep an eye on their radar.



Hidden Yo-kai When you get a strong reading along with a ? on your radar... press the Y Button to activate the Yo-kai Lens and take a look around. You just might find a Yo-kai hiding somewhere near you!
Yo-kai friends Sometimes when you defeat a Yo-kai, that Yo-kai will want to be friends! But you won't be able to make friends with some Yo-kai easily. Feeding a Yo-kai its favorite food in battle can make it friendlier!


Find your Yo-kai houseguest! Befriend three more Yo-kai!


  • When the player told Whisper that it makes them feel like Little Bo Beep, Whisper changes into a sheep. This is a reference to nursery rhyme Little Bo-Peep or "Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep".

Yo-kai Watch chapters list
Chapter 1:
Welcome to the World of Yo-kai
第1章 ようこそ妖怪ワールド
Chapter 2:
Enter Jibanyan!
第2章 ジバニャンとの出会い
Chapter 3:
Protect The Seals!
第3章 町の結界を守れ!
Chapter 4:
Timers & More
第4章 時計のチョーシ堂
Chapter 5:
The Ring in the Pond
第5章 どんこ池に消えた指輪
Chapter 6:
What Dad Forgot
第6章 お父さんの忘れもの
Chapter 7:
Kyubi the Bully
第7章 いじわる妖怪キュウビ
Chapter 8:
Eddies Search
第8章 カンチの妖怪さがし
Chapter 9:
The Extreme Dare
第9章 ドキドキきもだめし
Chapter 10:
The Checkup of Doom
第10章 あぶない健康診断!?
Chapter 11:
Farewell, Yo-kai!
第11章 さよなら妖怪ワールド
Infinite Inferno