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Yo-kai Watch Demo
Publisher Level-5 (Japan)
Nintendo (Worldwide)
Developers Level-5
Digital Works Entertainment Inc. (3D models)
Genre Role-playing game
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Release dates
Ratings CERO : All Ages (A)
ESRB : E+10
PEGI : 7
GRB : All
Successor 'Yo-kai Watch 2'

The Yo-kai Watch Demo (体験版 - 妖怪ウォッチ Taikenhan - Yōkai U~otchi, literally meaning: "Trial Version - Yo-kai Watch") is the official demo of the Yo-kai Watch released through the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS developed and published by Level-5. The demo contains the story of Nathan Adams and Template:Y trying to find three Yo-kai causing troubles on a request by a Template:Y. The demo was published for play in Japan on July 3, 2013, in North America on October 22, 2015[1], in Australia and New Zealand on November 27, 2015[2] and in Europe on March 6, 2016 after a Nintendo Direct presentation.



The story starts in Springdale at the home of Nathan, were Whisper asks Nathan to go look for some Yo-kai. Nathan responds to Whisper by asking him "where" and "how" he is supposed to find Yo-kai, with Whisper respinding by saying that Yo-kai can be found all around Nathan and that they should go outside. Once outside, a young lass that appears to be a student walks towards Nathan and Whisper and asks them that she has a favor to ask them. Nathan asks the young lass how he can help her and she explains to Nathan that there are some bad Yo-kai causing trouble in Springdale and that Nathan should track them down and take care of them. Reluctantly, Nathan agrees and talks with Whisper about what he should do. Whisper reminds Nathan that he is the owner of the Yo-kai Watch, meaning that only Nathan can find them. Whisper assures Nathan that it needs no pressure because he will help Nathan to fullfill the request of the young lass. Reassured with confidence, Nathan happily agrees to help out the young lass which she thanked Nathan in return. She further explains to Nathan that there are three Yo-kai that are causing trouble in Springdale, as well explaining how to find them and that Nathan should find the last one on it's own. Lastly, she tells Nathan that if all three Yo-kai are gone, he should come and see her again.


Data specifications

Yo-kai Watch Demo information
Country File size Title ID Product Code Version
Japan Japan 101.28 MB (810 blocks) 00040002000CF401 CTR-T-AYWJ 0.0.0 (0)
United States North America 106.97MB (855 blocks) *
106.99MB (855 blocks)
0004000000185600 *
0.0.0 (0)
Australia Australia
New Zealand New Zealand
14.71MB (117 blocks)
834.99MB (6679 blocks)
0004000E0017C200 CTR-P-AYWZ
0.0.0 (0)
1.1.0 (1040)
European Union Europe 156.35MB (1250 blocks) *
157.98MB (1263 blocks)
0004000000185900 *
0.0.0 (0)
* These data information actually comes from the kiosk cartridge, or "not for sale" cartridge.

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  • There are "not for sale" cartridges that contains the demo of Yo-kai Watch.
  • The kiosk ("not for sale") demo versions will end automatically if the player doesn't play the game anymore or leaves for a short time.


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