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{{{episode title}}}
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This template should only be used for articles that contains episode information from the Yo-kai Watch animation series. Do not use this template in any other article that does not contain episode information. This template is true to its Japanese broadcasting lineage and it is designed to reduce confusion and prevent loose connection of season difference.

Japanese opening and ending theme should stay with hiragana, katakana and kanji lettering and should not be romanized.

Fair use

This template can be used in other wiki's or websites, however, you should credit Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia for using this template even if you remake the template in your own way. If that not happens, then we will kindly request you to remove the template from your site. All the hard work on this template would be for naught if we don't receive credit for creating it, even we are using templates or codes from different wiki's and credits them for their hard work, it would be kind if you would do the same if you take this template.

How to use it

Template code

Without text inserted.
| prefix = 
| number = 
| season = 
| image = 
| caption = 
| broadcast = 
| opening theme = 
| ending theme = 
| staff = 
| episode title = 
| previous = 
| next = 
With text inserted.
| prefix = EP
| number = 001
| season = 1
| image = EP001.PNG
| caption = This is a screenshot capture of Yo-kai are Real.
| episode title = Yo-kai are Real<br><small>妖怪がいる!</small><br>The Terrifying Intersection<br><small>恐怖の交差点</small>
| broadcast = {{release|ja = January 8, 2014 | na = October 5, 2015}}
| opening theme = {{release|ja = [[Gera Gera Po Song|ゲラゲラポーのうた]]<br><small>Performed by [[King Creamsoda]]</small> | na = [[Gera Gera Po Song]]<br><small>Performed by Peter Michail and Kathryn Lynn</small>}}
| ending theme = {{release|ja = [[ようかい体操第一]]<br><small>Performed by [[Dream5]]</small>| na = [[Yo-kai Exercise No. 1]]<br><small>Performed by Melissa Hutchison and Alicyn Packard</small>}}
| staff = {{staff| screenplay = Yoichi Kato| storyboard = Shinji Ushiro| production = Kenichiro Komuya| director = Naotoshi Matsuzaka}}
| next = [[EP002]]
Example - original animation series
This episode is part of Season 1 of the dubbed animation.
This is a screenshot capture of Yo-kai are Real.
Broadcast United States October 5, 2015
Opening theme United States Gera Gera Po Song
Performed by Peter Michail and Kathryn Lynn
Ending theme United States Yo-kai Exercise No. 1
Performed by Melissa Hutchison and Alicyn Packard
Staff members Yoichi Kato (Screenplay)
Shinji Ushiro (Storyboard)
Kenichiro Komuya (Production)
Naotoshi Matsuzaka (Animation director)
Yo-kai are Real
The Terrifying Intersection
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With text inserted Shadowside animation series.
| prefix = SS
| number = 001
| image = SS001 screenshot.PNG
| caption = This is a screenshot capture of Phantom Gangleader.
| broadcast = April 13, 2018
| opening theme = {{release|ja = [[時を待とう]]<br><small>Performed by [[Hard Birds]]</small>}}
| ending theme = {{release|ja = [[ファンキー・ブギブバー]]<br><small>Performed by [[King Creamsoda]]</small>}}
| staff = {{staff| screenplay = [[Akihiro Hino]]| storyboard = Hiroyuki Yano| production = Takeshi Yoshimoto| director = Kenichi Yamaga<br>Chie Mishima}}
| episode title = 亡霊番長<br>Bōrei Banchō
| next = [[SS002]]
Example - Shadowside animation series

This is a screenshot capture of Phantom Gangleader.
Broadcast April 13, 2018
Opening theme
Ending theme
Staff members Akihiro Hino (Screenplay)
Hiroyuki Yano (Storyboard)
Takeshi Yoshimoto (Production)
Kenichi Yamaga
Chie Mishima (Animation director)
Bōrei Banchō
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Extra note

Instead removing the parameter, you can put no after the =. This will make the parameter unseen. Only when you add text after the =, the parameter will show the text.