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SS002 screenshot.PNG
This is a screenshot capture of The Bicycle Ridden By The Dead.
Broadcast April 13, 2018
Opening theme
Ending theme
Staff members Yoichi Kato (Screenplay)
Satoshi Shimizu (Storyboard)
Yoshihiko Iwata (Production)
Eriko Ebuchi
Yuki Yokoyama (Animation director)
Shisha no Noru Jitensha
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The Bicycle Ridden by the Dead ( Japanese : 死者の乗る自転車 Shisha no Noru Jitensha) is the second episode of the Shadowside animation series, and the 216th episode of the overal Yo-kai Watch animation series. It aired in Japan on April 13, 2018 and is part of the one-hour special along with Phantom Gangleader that aired in Japan on the same day.

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This episode is part of the Shadowside animation series.