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Maten Overseer *

Official art of the Yo-kai Maten Overseer from Yo-kai Watch 4++.
Japanese name 魔天・空亡
Maten Soranaki
Gender Male ♂
Haten Overseer *

Official art of the Yo-kai Haten Overseer from the Shadowside anime.
Japanese name 破天・空亡
Haten Soranaki
Gender Male ♂
Overseer *

Official art of the Yo-kai Overseer from the Shadowside anime.
Japanese name 空亡
Gender Male ♂

Overseer (空亡 Soranaki) is a Boss Yo-kai of the Harbinger Tribe, and acts as the final antagonist of Yo-kai Watch: Forever Friends. He is the manifestation of Saros' hate after being locked up and executed for a crime he did not commit.

Haten Overseer (破天・空亡 Haten Soranaki) appears near the end of the Shadowside anime.

Maten Overseer (魔天・空亡 Maten Soranaki) appears near the end of Yo-kai Watch 4++.


Yo-kai Watch 4++: Major Character

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble: Playable Character

Shadowside anime: Major Character


Overseer resembles a large eyeball, with it being black around his eye, and fading out to red, then back to a black color around the front of his face. His face has a flame-like pattern rotating outwards from his eye. There is a gray circle around his eye, followed by a black circle, red circle, yellow circle, black circle, and finally, a red pupil. The black circle on the outermost rim of his eye also has black tendrils stretching across his face. The edges of his body are flame-like, with no consistent end and the ends spiraling out having no pattern. He has dark gray clouds on top of his body with different patterns of lines on them. He also has two disconnected hands, being black by the hand and fading to a red color halfway down the arm. His right hand holds a large, silver knife with a black handle and stripe down the center.

Haten Overseer's head resembles a large eyeball, with three eyes on both sides of it going down vertically. It has a light purple rim, with a dark gray center, until fading into a red color near the center. There is a black hole at the center, with tan tendrils swirling outside from it. There are five clawed fingers above and below the tendrils, with tan fingers and black, clawed fingernails. He has a purple, smoke-like collar, with tan, jagged horns coming out from it. The horns have spiraling square designs inside of them. A red eyeball with four horns floats above his head. It has a yellow circle, black circle, red circle, and a black pupil at its center. He has enourmous, dark purple shoulders with small blades coming out from them, with a lighter purple color underneath it. They form around half an arm before going into a smoke-like shape at the elbow. His dark purple chest is very small compared to his arms, with a gray pattern shapeed like abs. There are three smaller arms on both sides of his torso, starting at dark purple and fading to a lighter purple around the wrist. His dark purple legs are very thin, with gray blades coming out of the thighs. The heel area fades into a red color, before fading back to dark purple at the toes. The feet, toes, and legs have jagged protrusions, shaped similarly to a spike. His hands are not connected to his main body, but are just as big as the shoulders. They have smoke-like ends around where the elbow would be, with the rest being dark purple, except for the hand being a pale color. He has long, sharp, black fingernails, and the underside of his palms and fingers are red. There are also two eyes embedded in the middle of his forearms.

Maten Overseer has a humanoid shape with light purple skin. There are two large horns protruding from his forehead. His eyesockets are red, with yellow eyes. There's also black markings around his eyes, resulting in black spikes downwards at the center of each eye. He has long, smoky hair, with it being pink around his head, and dark purple at the top. It becomes a lighter purple near the bottom, with all hair below the head having white line patterns. Two large, black horns are coming out of his hair, just above the ones coming from his head. He has broad shoulders with black armor that has pink and cyan accents. The shoulderpads have black spikes and black smoke around the spikes. His wristguards are black with pink and blue accents, with three spikes coming out of them. He wears black fingerless gloves on each hand. His chest armor is designed to look like his abs, being black with purple, cyan, blue, and purple accents. His belt is pink, blue, and purple, with a large, blue oval at its center. He had black thigh pads with blue accents, and a spike around the knees. There is also a gray pelvis guard with four large, black dots hanging down from his belt. He wears black shin guards with pink and blue accents. His shoes have black smoke around the heel and major joints in the feet. He wears dark purple pants. His elbow areas have flame-like patterned scars on them. He has a blue aura swirling around his entire body.


Overseer is shown to be a very powerful Yo-kai due to his hatred of Juno. He can easily destroy buildings, and can shoot off small projectiles that do a lot of damage. In Yo-kai Watch 4++, he can generate a shield over his eye to nullify any damage done to him, time travel, or even stop time momentarily. He can also shoot off tendrils or more hands from his body to grab people and make them his own power. He's also seen to be able to make a wall to block off anyone, however, Juno is able to break this kind of barrier easily.

Haten Overseer is a powered-up form of Overseer, and can shoot off hundreds of projectiles to do massive damage. He now has 3 weak points in the eyes above his head and the ones in his arms. Despite this, he can still shoot off projectiles and hands to protect himself while doing massive damage. He's also shown to be able to obliterate a large radius of a town with ease.

Maten Overseer is a form born from Overseer's tears, but is still frighteningly powerful. His humanoid body and tough armor makes him hard to hit and hard to hurt easily. He can also teleport around to fire off powerful beams of energy in the shape of an X with his sword. If left alone, he can also use an attack spanning the entire battlefield, either killing everyone instantly or leaving them at 1 HP.

Game Data

Disclaimer: Game data is pulled from what is believed to be the standard entry for these bosses. They have multiple entries, and with them being bosses, it makes it hard to know for sure which is for the standard stats.

Overseer's Yo-kai Watch 4++ Base Stats
HP YP Strength Spirit Defense Resistance
Lv1 700 100 35 40 30 35
Lv99 7000 100 350 400 300 350
Lv120 8350 100 418 477 358 418
Maten Overseer's Yo-kai Watch 4++ Base Stats
HP YP Strength Spirit Defense Resistance
Lv1 600 100 40 42 40 40
Lv99 6000 100 400 420 400 400
Lv120 7157 100 477 501 477 477


Haten Overseer has portraits in the files of Yo-kai Watch 4++, despite never making an actual appearance in the game. However, he does not have name entries or a Keystone texture.