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Developers Level-5
Publishers Level-5
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Release dates Nintendo Switch:

Playstation 4:

Website Official website
Predecessor Yo-kai Watch 3

Yo-kai Watch 4 (妖怪ウォッチ4 Yōkai Wotchi 4) formally known as Yo-kai Watch 4: We're Looking Up at the Same Sky (妖怪ウォッチ4 ぼくらは同じ空を見上げている Yōkai Wotchi Fō: Bokura Wa Onaji Sora wo Miagete Iru) is a role-playing game developed by Level-5 released on the Nintendo Switch and is the fourth main game of the Yo-kai Watch series. The game was initially announced in the Japanese game magazine Famitsu with an original release date for 2018. However, the game had been delayed with a spring 2019 release date until it's official release on June 20, 2019.


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The game takes place in an open-world were the player can visit three worlds. The three worlds are known to be that of were Nathan resides, Natsume resides and were Shin resides. The game shows high resolution 3D-graphics that was first shown during the Level-5 World 2011, Level-5 Vision 2011 of the first Yo-kai Watch video game that was meant for the Playstation 3. The world map is not shown on the touchscreen that was first shown on the Nintendo 3DS but on the bottom right side of the screen alongside with the time and weather in the game. The player does not have to press the touchscreen to open the Yo-kai Watch, as that the ZL and ZR of the Nintendo Switch hybrid console shows that the player can use the Yo-kai Watch through that way. The buttons on the left joy-con indicates that the player can use a bicycle to stroll through Springdale after obtaining it.

The battle system of the game has a complete change compared to the previous mainline Yo-kai Watch video games. The battle system can be compared to that of Yo-kai Watch Blasters and Ni no Kuni. The player battles Yo-kai in an action-battle style more commonly seen in western games.


Pre-release information

In April 2018, Level-5 announced the game in the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu and announced a 2018 release date in Japan. Information about Yo-kai Watch 4 was still light at the time, but they revealed that it would be featuring characters from the anime, which includes Touma Tsukinami, Natsume Amano, Keisuke Amano, and Akinori Arihoshi. Akihiro Hino, president and founder of Level-5 also said that the content is getting a super high-grade power up, including some things that will surprise everyone.

In June 2018, Level-5 revealed that they will release a new trailer on June 23, 2018. On that day, the official CoroCoro YouTube channel revealed a teaser trailer of Yo-kai Watch 4. The teaser trailer shows revealed that young Nathan as well the original version of Jibanyan and Whisper are making an appearance in the game, as well as the new character from the fifth film Yo-kai Watch Forever Friends, Shin and Nekomata. It as well shows Nathan's daughter Natsume. All three characters are coming from strange portals and are seen appearing on a rooftop. In CoroCoro Comic, several new detailed information came as there are seven new Yo-kai tribes in the game, which are listed as Goriki, Onnen, Mononoke, Tsukumono, Uwanosora, Omamori, and Mikakunin.

First visual of Yo-kai Watch 4.

On July 14, 2018, Famitsu revealed on their website the first screenshot of the game. The screenshot of the game shows Touma heading towards Natsume and Jibanyan crossing on the middle of the street with on the left side of the street Komasan. It seems that Akinori tells Touma something, however, it shows that the player controls Touma. It also shows that the button on the right side of the Joy-con allows players to open the Yo-kai Watch and riding the bicycle with a well progressed map on the left side of the screen that shows the time and weather with on top of the screen a different navigation bar of East, West, North and South. Further information about the game did not show, however, images of Nathan, Jibanyan, Whisper, Natsume, Junior, Shin and Nekomata is shown.[1]

After the reveal through Famitsu, CoroCoro Comics and 4Gamer, the official website of Yo-kai Watch 4 has been updated showing the first visual screenshot on the Nintendo Switch hybrid console, as well information about the three worlds the player can visit, which are Nathan's world, Natsume's world and Shin's world. It also showed the release window of the game on the website.

Unnoticed, there is also a fourth world that has yet to be revealed.




  • Yo-kai Watch 4 is the first core series game to be released exclusively on a home console.
  • The game was originally set for a Winter 2018 release date but was moved up to a Spring 2019 release date instead.


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