Earth Walker

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Earth Walker *

Official art of the Yo-kai Hero Earth Walker from the Y School Heroes anime.
Japanese name アースウォーカー
Gender Male ♂
Anime debut 'Get It Back! Our Hot Days!'

Earth Walker (アースウォーカー Asuu-Woka) is the Yo-kai Hero form of Jinpei Jiba after transforming with Mikettio using the UR Watch.


Y School Heroes: Bustlin' School Life: Playable Character

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble: Playable Character

Y School Heroes anime: Major Character


Earth Walker resembles a cat with dark gray fur, black spots on his forehead, and spikes coming from his collar. His eyes are light green. His two tails have black spots or are fully black near the ends, with the ends being colored blue and red separately, before fading into a yellow hue near the top. He has a white zipper vest on with an upside down triangle on it with three smaller triangles inside it colored red, blue, and yellow. The vest also has yellow stripes going diagonally, with the zippers at the end of the vest being yellow with blue buttons beside it. He wears a gray armband of sorts on his right arm, and a white fingerless gauntlet with a yellow accent in the center of it. His left arm has 4 unusually shaped armbands of sorts, colored blue, red, white, and yellow with black dots. He also wears the UR Watch on this arm. He wears white pants with red stripes condensed to be around the knees, and a white pouch on his left leg with blue stripes. The strap connecting the pouch is colored red, yellow, white, and blue. He wears pink rollerblades that have a white stripe down the center, expanding to be gray and dark gray near the toes. The straps on his rollerblades are dark gray. There are spheres protruding from both sides of his rollerblades near the ankle region colored green and purple.


Earth Walker boasts great speed and power, boosted by his versatile yo-yo weapons and roller blades. He also has several Command Medals he uses in battles.

Memorial Jump (メモリアルジャンプ Memoriarujanpu)

Roller Dash (ローラーダッシュ Roradashu)

Dynamic Cat End (ダイナミック猫エンド Dainamikku Neko Endo)

Granzort Cat Sky Drive (グランゾート・ネコスカドライブ Guranzoto Nekosukadoraibu)

Back Dropper Nyaos (バックドロッパーニャオス Bakkudoroppanyaosu)

Ultimate Beast Gun Knuckle (アルティメット・百獣ナックル Arutimetto Hyakuju Nakkuru)

Crash Yo-Yo (クラッシュヨーヨー Kurasshu Yoyo)

On top of these, he can also use an Item Medal to give himself a sword.

Starlight Ruin Saber (スターライト斬滅サーベル Sutaraito Ki Metsu Saberu)

Game Data

Earth Walker's Y School Heroes: Bustlin' School Life Base Stats
HP Strength Spirit Defense Mentality
135 75 81 43 46


I don't care... Earth Walker! (どうでもいいけど… アースウォーカー! Do demo ikedo… Asuu-Woka!) (After transforming)