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Clubs at Y-Academy consist of students who meet up for a common interest regularly. There are 400 Clubs at Y-Academy. Clubs are split into three main groups: Super Minor Clubs, Minor Clubs, and Major Clubs. Minor and Major Clubs are further split into Sports and Culture Clubs. Super Minor Clubs can only have nine or less people in them and aren't split into the Sports or Culture Club categories like Minor and Major Clubs are. Minor Clubs have at least ten people, but it is unknown how many people are required for Major Clubs. Small Clubs also share clubrooms.

Super Minor Clubs

Club Name Club Leader Club Skill Club Support
YSP Club Jinpei Jiba Example N/A
SFX Hero Club Mataro Tamada Example N/A
Y Ken Haruki Hirono Example N/A
Playing Suspenders Club Kanade Sasuda Example N/A
Acchi Muite Hoi Club Sashiko Mukoda Example N/A
Letting Pinky Nail Grow Long Club Koko Nagasugi Example N/A
Full Body Tights Club Taito Oi Example N/A
Potato-Poking Club Goro Tsutsuki Example N/A
Delicious Bread Research Club Mimi Banno Example N/A
Transformation Pose Research Club Teruo Kimemaku Example N/A
Older Lady Research Club Ken Jukudokoro Example N/A
Forbidden Love Research Club Kuen Shitsura Example N/A
Photon Engine Study Club Hikaru Rikido Example N/A
Beautiful Girls Research Club Nozomu Saotome Example N/A
Underground Idol Support Club Tosakamaru Example N/A
Transfer Student Research Club Tomoki Nichiya Example N/A
Showbiz Person Club Fuku-P Example N/A
Ms. Enra Research Club Omoi Atsuki Example N/A
How to Cut Minced Meat Research Club Tenta Nanimi Example N/A
Slipper-Flying Research Club Senya Hakima Example N/A
Tapioca Pearl Divination Club Kurumi Atema Example N/A
Vending Machine Jackpot Research Club Ataru Michibata Example N/A
Baked Sweet Potato Club Imoko Ishiya Example N/A
Yodeling in the Alps Club Ru Yode Example N/A
Fools at Sea Club Aoharu Sakabe Example N/A
Reader Model Club Daiya Toshin Example N/A
Chunibyo Research Club Yami Michino Example N/A
Gossiping Fan Club Ren Hanasaki Example N/A
Delinquent Ateji Club Joto Tsubari Example N/A
Leg-Fidgeting Research Club Rasuna Irai Example N/A
Chugging Soda in One Go Research Club Itsuki Saida Example N/A
Finger Snapping Research Club Sokai Naruto Example N/A
Tying Neckties Research Club Sankaku Musubime Example N/A
Height Stretching Club Kikuru Seicho Example N/A
Extra Candy Research Club Takashi Kashii Example N/A
Third Eye Club Gansuke Shaki Example N/A

Minor Sports Clubs

Club Name Club Leader Club Skill Club Support
Kite-Flying Club Ageha Takagi Example N/A
Naginata Club Emma Daiouji Example N/A
Ninja Club Ichiko Kuno Example N/A
Hyper Rescue Club Kyuta Minamori Example N/A
Kick the Can Club Kankichi Hiroi Example N/A
Big Jump Rope Fan Club Karen Hitsuka Example N/A
Test of Courage Club Rei Ushimitsu Example N/A
Swimming and Diving Club Komi Takatobi Example N/A
Marathon Swimming Club Suimu Nagaraku Example N/A
Table Tennis Club Pinko Tamauchi Example N/A
BMX Club Ekusu Hiemu Example N/A
Trampoline Club Kato Takada Example N/A
Scuba Diving Club Umi Fukai Example N/A
Shorinji Kempo Club Kiwami Hayashidera Example N/A
Fishing Club Lure Kurokawa Example N/A
Triathlon Club Rondo Mishuno Example N/A
Beach Volleyball Club Peach Hamade Example N/A
Fencing Club Tsukuyo Tsurugide Example N/A
Curling Club Tsururi Maruishi Example N/A
Camping Club Shinobu Kageno Example N/A
Flamenco Club Netsuko Kasuda Example N/A
Clam Digging Club Asari Kumade Example N/A
Shooting Club Hako Sunai Example N/A
Treasure Hunt Club Ruby Kanabori Example N/A
Dog Trainer Club Osamu Inunaki Example N/A
Belly Dancing Club Komari Odori Example N/A
Hot Yoga Club Yoka Tachigi Example N/A
Dairy Farming Club Jersey Gyuba Example N/A
Lacrosse Club Kurosu Kareji Example N/A
Thumb Wrestling Club Higashi Sashinomi Example N/A
Slipper Table Tennis Club Saburo Sokochi Example N/A
Volunteer Club Tame Hitono Example N/A
Kabaddi Club Ishiro Kabade Example N/A
Wilderness Cowboys Club Ganma Nishino Example N/A
Model Walking Club Ayumi Ranue Example N/A
Wind Traveler Club Nami Kimama Example N/A
Roller Skating Club Roran Sukeito Example N/A
Quick Clothes Change Research Club Shunji Mishitaku Example N/A
Sauna Lovers Club Kou Aseka Example N/A

Minor Culture Clubs

Club Name Club Leader Club Skill Club Support
Heavy Metal Club Chiaki Hebiyama Example N/A
Kingcraft Research Club Nozuchika Mitsumatagi Example N/A
Giant Robot Research Club Tetsu Kiyoda Example N/A
ESP Club Yuri Gera Example N/A
Drone Fan Club Satsuki Sora Example N/A
Fish Research Club An Chofu Example N/A
Trendy Drama Research Club Koi Itsukano Example N/A
Famous Beautician Club Renji Heya Example N/A
Yakiniku Club Tongu Karubi Example N/A
Partygoers Club Nanori Uei Example N/A
Soundly Sleeping Club Naito Oki Example N/A
Brass Knuckles Fan Club Kensaku Meri Example N/A
Street Fashion Club Machiko Ikeda Example N/A
Beatboxing for Everyone Club Beat Minade Example N/A
Railroad Fan Club Tetsuo Torita Example N/A
Cooking Club Donta Omori Example N/A
Rock Paper Scissors Club Kumi Sanzu Example N/A
Sukeban Club Seira Takenaga Example N/A
Mystery Research Club Charlotte Edogawa Example N/A
Military Club Meisa Gunji Example N/A
World Cheese Club Tanno Aokabi Example N/A
Cat Language Research Club Neko Miike Example N/A
Rap Battle Research Club Aiko Desuri Example N/A
Dino Fossil Research Club Tyrano Zausu Example N/A

Major Sports Clubs

Club Name Club Leader Club Skill Club Support
Tennis Club Ryusuke Kyubi Example Full-Might Smash
Oendan Kanichi Okehazama Example Manly Men's Cheering Song
Cheerleading Club Mai Chono Example Ardent Cheerleading
Professional Wrestling Club Ichiro Furumachi Example N/A
American Football Club Tokichi Amefu Example N/A
Soccer Club Hayate Shuto Example Explosive Drive Shot
Bodybuilding Club Baruku Naisu Example Muscles Are Friends!
Airsoft Club Riri Mirita Example Airsoft Gun Backup
Baseball Club Uchio Homura Example Blazing Fastball
Basketball Club Rena Kagoi Example N/A
Volleyball Club Taku Amigoe Example Bursting Spike
Rugby Club Raimu Suku Example Strong Punt Kick
Dodgeball Club Gaiya Uchino Example N/A
Bowling Club Raiku Suto Example N/A
Track and Field Club Riku Kazehaya Example N/A
Walking Club Keiko Manpo Example N/A
Boxing Club Shin Utsube Example N/A
Speed Skating Club Beruka Hayakusu Example N/A
Kendo Club Shina Kotegawa Example N/A
Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Ribon Yawai Example N/A
Kyudo Club Iyo Matoba Example N/A
Judo Club Shimetaka Kuroobi Example N/A
Swimming Club Marin Suizu Example N/A
Karate Club Kawara Kobushi Example N/A
Golf Club Wanda Horui Example N/A
Alpine Skiing Club Subero Yukihara Example N/A
Ice Hockey Club Hiyari Kogoe Example N/A
Softball Club Sophie Tamaya Example N/A
Badminton Club Tsuki Haneda Example N/A
Futsal Club Saru Futsudo Example N/A
Racing Club Fukashi Enjin Example N/A
Competitive Cycling Club Kurin Sai Example N/A
Handball Club Hando Okuiri Example N/A

Major Culture Clubs

Club Name Club Leader Club Skill Club Support
UFO Research Club Ranto Kirigakure Example Flying UFO
Orchestra Club Ando Yamada Example Passionate Symphony
Chorus Club Koe Minano Example N/A
Shogi Club Ayumu Keima Example N/A
Popular Music Club Risuto Kida Example Rock Your Soul
Movie Club George Rukasu Example Specially Made Popcorn
Y Times Editorial Department Nena Tokuda Example Extra Scoop Attack
Future Science Club Tatsuhito Awado Example Future Science Beans
Game Study Club UG Horikoshi Example Blip Blop Fire
Quiz Research Club Wakata Hayaoshi Example N/A
Fashion Club Makiko Karisu Example N/A
Novel Research Club Saori Ozora Example N/A
Zenzen Pre-Life Elucidation Club Zen Maeno Example Mystical Divination Crystal
Y-Tube Research Club Yokokin Example Bustlin' Livestream!
Justice Hackers Research Club Ramu Purogu Example Magic Girl Hacking
Flower Arrangement Club Hana Takamine Example N/A
Chemistry Club Mesuo Shirinda Example N/A
Stargazing Club Masako Tanaka Example Wish Upon A Star ☆
Gasha Club Kuro Gashado Example N/A
Three-Star Restaurant Research Club Shiefu Ichiryu Example Three-Star Main Dish
Sado Club Kiri Senno Example N/A
Gardening Club Megumi Yono Example N/A
Y-Station Broadcasting Club Ana Kawai Example N/A
Mathematics Club Sigma Biseki Example N/A
Calligraphy Club Suzuri Sumida Example N/A
Art Club Kaiga Tonishiki Example N/A
Sweets Research Club Ichigo Suga Example First-Rate Sweets, Bon Appetit
Library Club Rari Raibu Example N/A