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Yo-kai Watch (demo)
English opening screen of the Yo-kai Watch demo.
Game information
Developers Level-5
Digital Works Entertainment Inc. (3D models)
Publishers Level-5 (Japan)
Nintendo (Worldwide)
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Players Single-player
Release date United States October 22, 2015
European Union March 6, 2016
Australia November 27, 2015
New Zealand November 27, 2015
Official website
Japan Official Yo-kai Watch - Trial Version Japanese page
Worldwide {{{w-website}}}
Game rating







The Yo-kai Watch Demo (体験版 - 妖怪ウォッチ Taikenhan - Yōkai U~otchi, literally meaning: "Trial Version - Yo-kai Watch") is the official demo of the Yo-kai Watch released through the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS developed and published by Level-5. The demo contains the story of Nathan Adams and Whisper trying to find three Yo-kai causing troubles on a request by a young lass. The demo was published for play in Japan on July 3, 2013, in North America on October 22, 2015[1], in Australia and New Zealand on November 27, 2015[2] and in Europe on March 6, 2016 after a Nintendo Direct presentation. The player is only limited to travel around Springdale.


"There are many Yo-kai lurking here in throughout Springdale!"Whisper, through dialogue.

The story starts in Springdale at the home of Nathan, were Whisper asks Nathan to go look for some Yo-kai. Nathan responds to Whisper by asking him "where" and "how" he is supposed to find Yo-kai, with Whisper respinding by saying that Yo-kai can be found all around Nathan and that they should go outside. Once outside, a young lass that appears to be a student walks towards Nathan and Whisper and asks them that she has a favor to ask them. Nathan asks the young lass how he can help her and she explains to Nathan that there are some bad Yo-kai causing trouble in Springdale and that Nathan should track them down and take care of them. Reluctantly, Nathan agrees and talks with Whisper about what he should do. Whisper reminds Nathan that he is the owner of the Yo-kai Watch, meaning that only Nathan can find them. Whisper assures Nathan that it needs no pressure because he will help Nathan to fullfill the request of the young lass. Reassured with confidence, Nathan happily agrees to help out the young lass which she thanked Nathan in return. She further explains to Nathan that there are three Yo-kai that are causing trouble in Springdale, as well explaining how to find them and that Nathan should find the last one on it's own. Lastly, she tells Nathan that if all three Yo-kai are gone, he should come and see her again.

Dalluma can be found in Springdale's Triangle Park. There Nathan encounters a salesman that doesn't want to work due to feeling lazy. Whisper tells Nathan that there is a Yo-kai nearby that causes the salesman to be lazy. Once Nathan uses his Yo-kai Watch, it is revealed to be Dalluma that has been causing the salesman to feel lazy and not wanting to go to work. After Nathan defeated Dalluma, the salesman becomes normal wondering why he was thinking that he doesn't want to go to work. Negatibuzz is located at the Shady Back Alley behind the Fishstore in Springdale. Once Nathan and Whisper arrives there, a salesman tells Nathan that he is wondering why his colleague is feeling so negative. After Nathan talks to the colleague of the salesman, Whisper tells Nathan that there is a Yo-kai nearby that is causing it. Once Nathan uses his Yo-kai Watch, it is revealed to be Negatibuzz causing it, which Nathan says that he still has the positivity to fight against Negatibuzz. After Negatibuzz is defeated, Nathan and Whisper are trying to find the last Yo-kai that is causing trouble. However, the last one can be unlocked when Nathan talks to a girl outside of Triangle Park and revealed that Katie Forester was feeling oddly hungry. Once there, Katie revealed that she is feeling hungry all of a sudden while having eaten a while back. She revealed that it happened while she was reading in her room. Once there, Whisper says that he feels the presence of a Yo-kai. Once Nathan uses his Yo-kai Watch, it is revealed that Hungramps was behind Katie's hunger. After Hungramps has been defeated by Nathan, Katie turns back to normal wondering what has happened as she doesn't feel hungry any longer.

After Nathan and Whisper were able to defeat all three Yo-kai, they return to report to the young lass. The young lass then reveals that she is the Yo-kai Dismarelda and Nathan engage in a battle with her. However, they realize that they cannot beat Dismarelda and Whisper suggests that Nathan has to make more friends with Yo-kai. Afterwards, the demo ends.


Main article: Gameplay of Yo-kai Watch
Standard explanation in the demo.

The Yo-kai Watch Demo is a role-playing game were the player can only play as Nathan Adams. The game is only fixed on exploring Uptown Springdale of the game and has to finish every objective in the game to finish the demo. However, there are two versions of the demo, one being a Nintendo eShop download and a Kiosk release, which is through a cartridge send to stores. The Kiosk version is set on a specific timer, which means that the player is unable to explore the game in their own leisure. The player can move Nathan around by moving the D-Pad on the Nintendo 3DS. If the player moves the D-Pad and hold the B-button, they can run. However, it uses stamina, when the stamina is lowered, the player moves a bit slow for a while. If the player wants to rotate the camera of their environment, they have to either press the L-button to rotate the z-axis inverted on the left and the R-button to rotate the z-axis inverted on the right. If the player presses both the L and R-button on the Nintendo 3DS, they can stabilize the camera, which is the adjustment of the camera before rotating either the right or left side of the camera. The player can also interact with characters in the game by pressing the A-button. To cancel an action, the player has to press the B-button. If the player wants to take a break or end the game, they can press the START-button to either pause, or return to the title screen.

The Yo-kai battles are quite different than any other Japanese role-playing game. The battle system is somewhat turn-based, but in a set of three Yo-kai, however, the battles are fully automated with the player only assisting the Yo-kai. This can be done by providing them for reccovering their health, to charge up a special move, to pin the weakness of the opponent Yo-kai or purify the Yo-kai if they are being inspirited. The player can change the Yo-kai in other by rotating the wheel by pressing the L or R button, this can also be done with a stylish pen on the touch screen. The player can do some preperations before battle. This can be by rotating the Yo-kai they want to start with in battle or to pursue a Yo-kai by joining them by giving them food. The player can also move up the speed by pressing the X-button. The player can assist the Yo-kai by using the Soultimate move, however, it can only be done if the spiritual meter of the Yo-kai is full and after the player correctly manages to finish a very small mini-game, they can use their Soultimate move. This is much more stronger than their normal move they automatically use. The player can also Purify the Yo-kai if they got Inspirited by the opposing Yo-kai. To, purify the Yo-kai, the player also has to go through a very small mini-game, similar to the using the Soultimate move, to purify the Yo-kai from being Inspirited. This can also add extra experience points if the purufication is successfull. The player can also use an item for their or the opposing Yo-kai. For their own Yo-kai, these can be healing items, but it also can help to befriend the opposing Yo-kai much easier. However, for the opposing Yo-kai, their friendship with the player can only be increased if they use the correct items the Yo-kai likes. If the player loses, it is known to be a game over.

Other buttons on the game has different functions. If the player want to use the Radar of the Yo-kai Watch, they can press the upper button on the +-pad, and if they don't want to deal with it, they can remove it by pressing the upper button on the +-button as well. If the player presses the Y-button, they can use the lens of the Yo-kai Watch to look for Yo-kai when the radar on the Yo-kai Watch starts making a noise. These Yo-kai can give information to the player, or having a normal conversation with the player. Some Yo-kai give an item, but some Yo-kai starts a battle with the player. Other than that, the player can also capture bugs by using the net. This goes in a very different way than when looking for Yo-kai, the circle around the insect is the same as with the lens of the Yo-kai Watch, but some spots on there are missing, which makes it a precision based mini-game to catch a bug.


Data specifications

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This section contains missing or confusing data. This is because the data may be inaccurate or the information is simply not available through easy measures.
Yo-kai Watch demo information.
Country File size Title ID Product Code Version
Japan Japan 101.28 MB (810 blocks) 00040002000CF401 CTR-T-AYWJ 0.0.0 (0)
United States North America 106.97MB (855 blocks) *
106.99MB (855 blocks)
0004000000185600 *
0.0.0 (0)
Australia Australia
New Zealand New Zealand
14.71MB (117 blocks)
106.99MB (855 blocks)
834.99MB (6679 blocks)
0.0.0 (0)
1.1.0 (1040)
European Union Europe 156.35MB (1250 blocks) *
157.98MB (1263 blocks)
0004000000185900 *
0.0.0 (0)
Japan Korea 105.43MB (845 blocks) 0004000200167601 CTR-T-AYWK 0.0.0 (0)
* These data information actually comes from the kiosk cartridge, or "not for sale" cartridge.

Yo-kai appearances

Yo-kai that appears in the wild.
Fire Attribute
Wind Attribute
Water Attribute
Wind Attribute
Wind Attribute
Ice Attribute
Earth Attribute
Drain Attribute
Earth Attribute
Water Attribute
Yo-kai that are crucial to the story.
Earth Attribute
Earth Attribute
Restoration Attribute
Drain Attribute
Yo-kai the player encounters by using the Yo-kai Watch.
Earth Attribute
Fire Attribute
Fire Attribute
Restoration Attribute
Water Attribute



Yo-kai Watch Demo: Icon

Yo-kai Watch Demo: Title screen


  • There are differences between the early version and the final version of the Japanese version of the Yo-kai Watch demo.[3]
    • In the early version, during a tutorial of the Yo-kai Watch Wheel, it shows the text with no single quotation marks. In the final version, it showed the text with single quotation marks.
    • Another change in the between the early version and the final version of the Yo-kai Watch Wheel, the wheel has been rotated slightly to the right in the final version. In the early version, Mochismo wasn't shown on the left. In the final version however, in place of Mochismo, Noko has been left out on the right.
    • In the early version showing about how to use a Soultimate move, the tutorial text was changed in the final version.
  • There are differences between the demo of the Japanese version of Yo-kai Watch and the international version of Yo-kai Watch.
  • There is a PEGI 7 graphic in the European demo that has not been used, but is still within the coding of the game.
  • The "not for sale" cartridges of Yo-kai Watch contains the kiosk version of the game.
    • A timer is set for the kiosk version of the game, which means after a certain time, the game closes. This can occur after 10 minutes. However, through the debug menu, there are five timers placed: 10 minutes, 12 minutes, 15 minutes, or unlimited. This may be the reason for the cause of the game to stop after a certain time, as the cartridges send out to retailers may already have a timer fixed in it. The official eShop demo has an unlimited timer.


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