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At the very beginning of the game, the player has the option to choose between either a male or a female character. The male and female character are both protagonists of the games and also from the animation series of the same title. After the player has made their choice of what character they would like to play as, they name them to their liking. Afterwards, a disclaimer and information about the Nintendo 3DS system clock occurs. After passing these disclaimers, the player will begin the story of the game.

Character selection
Male Female

Eddie's bug collection

The game starts in Springdale's Triangle Park were Eddie shows off his bug collection to the group. Eddie reveals to the group that he got the bugs from a place near their vacation house. Bear tells the group that he was also the one capturing the bugs as Eddie got squeamish a couple of times. Bear then focuses on the player telling them that they also are capturing bugs for their summer project, which the player responds that they are having a difficulty by being motivated. Bear claims that the protagonist haven't captured a single bug and thinks that capturing a spider in their house is already a rare bug. That turns into a discussion between the player, Eddie and Bear with either Nathan or Katie, depending on the player's chooice of gender, defending the player. Eddie and Bear then tells the player to show their collection to them and walks off the park. The player then heads home to get their bug net to proceed bug catching. The player then talks to their mother and heads outside, ending the prologue of the game.