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{{{character name}}}


This template can only be used for characters that make an appearance in the game. Do not use this template if the character is not from the game. This template is designed differently that it's counterpart.

Fair use

This template can be used in other wiki's or websites, however, you should credit Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia for using this template even if you remake the template in your own way. If that not happens, then we will kindly request you to remove the template from your site. All the hard work on this template would be for naught if we don't receive credit for creating it, even we are using templates or codes from different wiki's and credits them for their hard work, it would be kind if you would do the same if you take this template.

How to use it

Template code

Without text inserted.
{{game character
| character name = 
| image = 
| caption = 
| japanese = 
| nickname = 
| age = 
| birth = 
| hometown = 
| relatives = 
| seiyu = 
| english = 
| game = 
With text inserted
{{game character
| character name = Nathan Adams
| image = 
| caption = 
| japanese = 天野 景太
| nickname = Nate<br>Nathan<br>Keita <small>ケータ</small>
| age = 11
| hometown = [[Springdale]], Japan
| relatives = [[Lily Adams]] <small>(mother)</small><br>[[Aaron Adams]] <small>(father)</small><br>[[Nathaniel Adams]] <small>(grandfather)</small><br>[[Lucy Adams]] <small>(grandmother)</small>
| seiyu = {{w|Haruka Tomatsu}}
| english = {{w|Johnny Yong Bosch}}
| game = [[Yo-kai Watch (video game)|Yo-kai Watch]]
Nathan Adams
Japanese name 天野 景太
Nickname Nate
Keita ケータ
Age 11
Hometown Springdale, Japan
Relatives Lily Adams (mother)
Aaron Adams (father)
Nathaniel Adams (grandfather)
Lucy Adams (grandmother)
Japanese voice Haruka Tomatsu
English voice Johnny Yong Bosch
Game debut Yo-kai Watch

Extra note

Instead removing the parameter, you can put no after the =. This will make the parameter unseen. Only when you add text after the =, the parameter will show the text.