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Fire Attribute


Level 30
Fire Attribute

Jibanyan ]]

How to use

This is the full template containing the first base evolution of a Yo-kai. Here is the setting of the template:

| tribe = 
| attribute = 
| image = 
| name = 
| tribe-1 = 
| level = 
| attribute-2 =
| image-2 = 
| name-2 = 
| tribe-2 =

A perfect example on how it works, watch below as I am using Komasan's evolution line as an example:

| tribe = charming
| attribute = Fire
| image = Komasan_YW1-028.png
| name = Komasan
| tribe-1 = Charming
| level = 35
| attribute-2 = Fire
| image-2 = Shishikoma YW1-031.png
| name-2 = Komane
| tribe-2 = Charming

Inserting the text next to the =, the template will work fine. An clean example can be seen here below:

Fire Attribute
File:I-YWM-Komasan YW1-028.png.PNG


Level 35
Fire Attribute
File:I-YWM-Shishikoma YW1-031.png.PNG

As you can see at the tribe parameter, the first letter does not begin with a capital. This is due that the background design is set in the mediawiki page. The mediwiki page contains programming language, which means that everything is captial sensative.


For a smooth layout, do know to only add rendered sprites. Do not add images that has a white background color, or any other kind of backgrounds.