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{{{yo-kai name}}}


This template is only for Yo-kai that make an appearance in the animation series. There are differences between Yo-kai from game and Yo-kai from anime due that the stories are not similar to each other. This is as well to reduce space on the Yo-kai articles as there are Yo-kai who make a much more larger debut than other Yo-kai. Do note that you should only place screenshot images of high resolution, rather than images that are plucked from websites or cropped images that are not true to its size. Every image related to that will be removed from the wiki.

Fair use

This template can be used in other wiki's or websites, however, you should credit Yo-kai Watch Encyclopedia for using this template even if you remake the template in your own way. If that not happens, then we will kindly request you to remove the template from your site. All the hard work on this template would be for naught if we don't receive credit for creating it, even we are using templates or codes from different wiki's and credits them for their hard work, it would be kind if you would do the same if you take this template.

How to use it

Template code

Without text inserted.
{{anime Yo-kai
| tribe = 
| yo-kai name = 
| image = 
| gender = 
| counterpart = 
| seiyu = 
| english = 
| debut = 
| movie = 
With text inserted.
{{anime Yo-kai
| tribe = charming
| yo-kai name = Jibanyan
| image = None.PNG
| gender = Male
| counterpart = [[Jibanyan]]
| seiyu = {{w|Etsuko Kozakura}}
| english = {{w|Alicyn Packard}}
| debut = [[EP001|The Terrifying Intersection]]
| movie = [[M01|Yo-kai Watch: The Movie]]
Gender Male
Game counterpart Jibanyan
Japanese voice Etsuko Kozakura
English voice Alicyn Packard
Anime debut The Terrifying Intersection
Movie debut Yo-kai Watch: The Movie

For a Yo-kai who's tribe is unknown.
{{anime Yo-kai
| tribe = <!-- If the tribe of the Yo-kai is unknown, remove it -->
| yo-kai name = Junior
| image = EP003 Junior.PNG
| gender = Male
| counterpart = <!-- If they have no counterpart, remove it -->
| seiyu = {{w|Etsuko Kozakura}}
| english = <!-- If they have no English voice actor/actress, remove it -->
| debut = [[SS003|Redhead the Plunder Demon]]
| movie = <!-- If they have no appearance in a movie, remove it -->
The results with the parameters empty.
Gender Male
Japanese voice Etsuko Kozakura
Anime debut Redhead the Plunder Demon

Extra note

Instead removing the parameter, you can put no after the =. This will make the parameter unseen. Only when you add text after the =, the parameter will show the text.